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Our welding gloves are very safe and come with a high quality heat shield which is a special treatment in order to make the leather gloves fire retardant. These gloves are quite comfortable and can easily be customized with your company logo.

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Regular shoulder split leather, gray color, wing thumb. ..
per pair
Grain goatskin palm with split cowhide back. ..
per pair
Select shoulder leather, traditional wing thumb rust color welders glove. One-piece back. Fully l..
per pair
Brown side split with Heatshield. Straight thumb with reinforced thumb strap. Kevlar sewn, and st..
per pair
Blue side split with Heatshield, a special treatment to make leather fire retardant. Performance ..
per pair
TIG welding gauntlet for jobs where tactility is a must. Unlined thin goatskin grain leather. Clu..
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