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4 Ways to Target New Clients with Custom Promotional Products

custom promotional products

Did you know that you can use custom promotional products to bring new customers to your business?

While you might be tempted to invest in traditional or online advertising, promotional products offer another avenue to be in front of potential customers for a longer period of time.

Read on if you want to know how promotional products can help your business.

Use Custom Promotional Products to Get New Customers

Promotional products are wonderful tools for building your brand and goodwill among current and potential customers. Promotional products are an inexpensive way to stand out, set yourself apart from your competition and be remembered long after your campaign.

How can you get new clients by using promotional products?

Before you place your order for custom promotional products for your company, you need to have an understanding of how they fit into your overall marketing plans.

1. What Is the Goal of the Promotional Product?

Typically, promotional products are used for brand awareness, which is the first step in creating a customer.

After all, people have to know about you in order to buy from you.

You can also use the products to promote a new service or product with your custom logo.

Promotional products can also be used in customer retention. For example, you can use the products to show appreciation to your current customers.

You can use the products as giveaways to encourage customer referrals from current customers and your employees.

2. Who Are You Targeting?

If you are using promotional products to create brand awareness, you must know who you are targeting so you can pick the perfect product for that audience.

When looking at products, think about what would be the most useful item they could have. You want to have the perfect custom promotional product that will be used to keep your company front and center in the prospect’s eye.

For example, if you are a construction software company wanting who works with contractors and construction workers, you can give high-quality work gloves to your customers. Of course, those gloves will have your logo on them.

The same holds true for business travelers. They might not need work gloves but could benefit from phone chargers or adapters.

3. Choose a Product That Will Last

When you see online ads, do you typically click on them or ignore them? If you’re like most people, you ignore most of them.

It takes about 6-7 impressions for someone to remember your brand. In fact, only 26% of people will remember a brand from an online ad.

With promotional products, a whopping 76% percent remember the brand on a promotional product.

Not only that, 80% of people own at least one promotional product, and 60% will keep them for two years!

That means that your investment continues to work for you.

That’s why it’s important to choose a promotional product that’s practical and people will use over and over again.

4. Have a Distribution Strategy

The final step in choosing promotional products is deciding how they will be distributed.

Will they be handed out at trade shows or given to your top customers?

If you outlined your goals for the promotional products, this step should be easy to answer.

Order Custom Promotional Products

You want to be sure your company stands out when you use promotional items as part of your marketing efforts.

Work gloves make a unique and practical promotional item that will get used over and over again. You’re sure to get your logo in front of your potential customers.

Start shopping for promotional work gloves today!

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