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7 Benefits of Promoting Your Business with Custom Printed Gloves

printed gloves

Using promotional items is a great, and cheap way to build brand awareness. Companies who give out these items are remembered by their audience over half the time.

Custom printed gloves is a creative, and different product to use for this purpose. If you need convincing, here are 5 benefits of using them as your promotional item!

1. They Create Diversity

How many times have you been handed a business card and tossed it in the garbage as soon as you get home? Business cards just, don’t stand out to a customer at all.

Giving them a tangible item, such as promotional printed gloves gives the customer something they can use, and because of that, they will remember you.

Even if the customer doesn’t use the item you give them, people really like receiving free stuff. The gesture alone will be appreciated enough to where they will keep your business in mind.

You can get customers to sign up for a mailing list in exchange for the gloves. While they are doing this they are more likely to listen to your new project idea or product.

Whenever the client looks at the awesome gloves you gave them, they will think of this project and you can bet, it won’t be too long before they are reaching out.

2. Reinforce Your Brand

Promotional items will create brand recognition. Brand recognition is a goal in businesses large and small. You want to stand out from your competition after all.

People tend to gravitate toward the familiar. When they are looking at you vs, your competitors, they will be more likely to chose you.

Printed gloves is a great way to increase brand recognition. The more you have circulating out there, the more business you will pull.

Business is also spread via word of mouth. For example, you give out a bunch of high quality branded gloves, the friends of the ones you gave them to will see them and ask questions. The wearer of the gloves may point said friends your way.

Giving out high-quality promotional items also creates potential customer reputation. If your items are awesome, customers will assume anything with your brand on it is the same.

3. Wearers Will Promote Your Business

We touched a bit on this above, but wearers of your merchandise will spread your business around.

When others see your customers using your gloves, these customers will become mini-marketers of your company. The potential customers will look into your company at least to see if they can get some of their own.

If they don’t look into your company themselves, they will at least ask the wearer of the glove about your company. If you described your product while the customer was signing your email list, for example, they will be able to tell their friends about it.

All of this word of mouth will increase your reputation with your adoring public.

4. Big Impact At A Little Cost

One of the biggest advantages of the printed gloves is that they do all of this at a very low cost.

It is wise to buy your items in bulk allows you to reach even more people at a lower cost.

Even though these items are you still have to come up with a strategy for funding them. Come up with a budget and stick to it.

5. They Boost Morale

Not only can you give these items to your potential customers, but you can also hand them out to your employees.

When we say people like free stuff, that definitely includes them. You get all the benefits of others wearing your brand out in public, but with morale included.

You can also get a nice boost in quality applicants. When friends of your employees see that you care enough about your employees to hand out merchandise, they might through themselves into your hiring pool.

Giving the items to your employees make them feel special and needed.

6. What Not To Do

Now that you know what promotional items like gloves can do for you, and a little about how to use them to boost your brand, here are a few tips on, what not to do.

One mistake that you can make is not putting your brand on the gloves. Your brand can’t spread if you don’t promote it. Not putting your brand on them, kills the point of giving out the item.

As awesome as receiving free stuff is, getting stuff that is played out can be boring. Everyone can give out a pen, or a mug, but printed gloves, those are unique. Gloves stick out and are useful.

If another company is giving out pens, you don’t want to also give out pens. This is why gloves are great. Not many companies give those out so it makes you look creative and original.

Picking hard to read fonts or overloading on images can be your downfall as well. You want your potential customers to be able to read whats on your gloves and overloading on images can be tacky.

You want a clean image that your customers will be proud to wear.

7. Boosting Your Business With Printed Gloves

It is said that you get 7 seconds to make a great impression on your customers. Giving out a unique and creative promotional item can make this impression for you.

Printed gloves are a great marketing tool that your customers can get some use out of.

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