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7 Creative Branding Ideas That Will Boost Your Sales Fast

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Branding is very important to your company’s identity. In fact, you can boost revenue by up to 23% if you have consistent branding everywhere. Staying top of mind is key to winning over customers.

With marketing getting more and more creative, it may be hard to come up with original or interesting ideas for branding. Although it’s always good to look at other major brands for inspiration, you don’t want to be copying them, after all.

So what can you do to stand out in the crowd? And what are some ways you can boost your sales fast? We show you 10 creative branding ideas that are sure to bring you success.

1. Give Away Branded Clothing

Branded clothing is a classic marketing technique for a reason. People love to get free clothes and when they wear a shirt, hat, or gloves with your company logo, they’re spreading awareness of your brand whenever they go out and wear it.

In order for this technique to be effective, you need to have a great logo. In general, people don’t like to feel like a walking billboard, so don’t be too heavy-handed. Your primary focus should be on creating something people would actually want to wear.

2. Give Away Branded Rain Gear

A sure way to increase brand awareness is to give away things like branded umbrellas or ponchos on a rainy day. Everyone wants protection from the rain, so you’ll have an incredibly easy time getting people to engage with you. In fact, when people see your branded umbrellas, people will start deliberately seeking you out in order to get one.

Helping out other people creates a strong positive psychological link between them and your brand. They’re much more likely to think highly of you and your company in the future.

3. Run a Radio Ad

Radio’s been around for a long time, but did you know it’s still a very effective way to advertise? A study suggests that on average, radio ads return $12 for every $1 spent.

While many companies have moved on to online blogs, working with influencers, and SEO, you can still get some great results with this tried-and-tested classic.

When it comes to radio advertising, repetition is key. Chances are, there are still some radio ads from 10 years ago that you can still recite by heart.

Of course, you can’t just play an ad over and over on any old station. You need to make sure your target demographic lines up with that of the station you play your ad on.

4. Get Branded Packaging

The product experience begins at the unboxing stage rather than at first use, so it makes sense to make your packaging part of the brand. How you choose to represent your brand visually can have a real impact on your customers.

Having a good sense of corporate image can make your brand instantly recognizable to customers. You should try to have every aspect of your product push this corporate image.

A great way to do this is with stunning packaging design. Of course, having an impactful and distinctive logo is also very important.

5. Give Away Branded Stationery

In most lines of work, people need to use things like pens, staplers, and notebooks on a daily basis. This is a fantastic opportunity to get your brand name out.

If you get some pens out there with your logo on, people will become more familiar with your company. The great thing about branded stationery is the majority of people will appreciate receiving it.

Another good point is it’s easy for you to work with. You can easily carry around 100 pens with you to give out whenever the opportunity arises.

6. Play the Twitter Game

Your company is probably on Twitter, but does your Twitter presence have a sense of personality? The most successful and talked about Twitter accounts are the accounts that make jokes with the public and other companies.

For example, the Wendy’s Twitter account is well known for trash talking other fast food companies on Twitter. Screenshots of the Wendy’s Twitter account are frequently shared across social media because of their humorous content. This is essentially free advertising for the Wendy’s brand.

Be warned that you need to be careful when making jokes on Twitter. There’s a fine line between what’s funny and what’s questionable. If you misjudge that line, it could result in controversy for your company.

7. Run a Contest

Running a contest is a great way to create some user-generated content about your brand. You could give away promotional items to the winners.

For example, you could run a photo contest. Whoever takes a photo of your product in the funniest or interesting situation wins something for free.

This kind of contest will usually create a lot of content because the barrier for entry is so low. Pretty much everyone has a good quality camera on their phone.

You could also try things such as a video contest. Since making a video is more of a commitment, you probably won’t get as many participants as a photo contest. But you could have some talented filmmakers making free content for your company.

Use These Branding Ideas to Boost Sales

Obviously, branding has a very important and strong connection to sales. Without a strong presence on all platforms, you can find your sales wilting.

The key to branding is not only being creative, but also being consistent. If you can manage to create a lasting impression and the platforms you use, you’ll have your customers flocking to you. 

So take the branding ideas we’ve suggested above to heart. See if you can apply them to your own marketing strategies to get people talking about your company. Although some of the suggestions do require you to spend some money, you’ll see a significant return on it in the long-term.

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