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8 Promotional Clothing Trends Worth Watching in 2019

promotional clothing trends

According to a study by PPAI, 83 percent of consumers were more likely to do business with a brand after receiving promotional products.

Promotional advertising for your company is a way to jump ahead of the competition. After all, promo products like work gloves are a great opportunity to get the word out and earn customer loyalty. Plus, promotional products are more functional than a business card.

But how do you ensure people actually wear your gloves and other products? When it comes to promotional product advertising, quality and style matters.

Promotional clothing trends are constantly changing as new fashion styles dominate the market. Staying on top of the newest trends in the industry is key to creating a product people will want to wear. 

From innovative fabric blends to the latest colors and styles, discover the latest promotional clothing trends for the year below.

1. Gender-Neutral Options

Unisex styles are huge when it comes to promotional clothing. Clothes that fit both men and women are gaining popularity due to their versatility. Unisex sizing also makes it easy to find the perfect fit.

Sticking to a gender-neutral color for your promotional items is the best way to appeal to both men and women.

And clothes aren’t the only promotional items that benefit from having a unisex design. Certain businesses do well with promotional gloves as a functional means of advertising. Work gloves are also an easy way to incorporate the gender-neutral trend since the design is the same for both men and women.

2. Softer Colors

The Pantone color of the year for 2019 is Living Coral, a softer shade designed to create a feeling of relaxation and joy. The company wanted to choose a color that encouraged serenity and lighthearted activity.

Unlike bold colors that are harsh and distracting, the theme for this year is muted colors. One of the biggest trends in promotional clothing is to mimic Pantone’s choice to stay trendy.

Pick softer shades that are easier on the eyes when choosing your promotional work gloves and other products. Neutral colors like grey and charcoal are good choices. Earthy tones like military green are also gaining popularity this year.

3. Fabric Blends

With the importance of comfort on the rise, more companies are opting for fabric blends. Blended fabrics also tend to be more durable and provide more visual texture.

Visual appeal is important, especially with online shopping on the rise. If you sell your promotional items online, you want them to have a strong visual appeal on the screen.

The heathered look keeps appearing on clothing and accessories. A heathered texture gives clothes more visual appeal both online and in person.

Patterns are also on the rise. Patterns and textures add visual interest to an otherwise boring clothing item.

High-tech blends are another trend right now. These fabric blends combine functionality and comfort, providing both wearability and high performance. Blends are useful when you need a promotional product that holds up, such as mechanic work gloves that need to be durable.

4. Vintage Styles

Vintage and classic styles are popping up all over in the world of promo clothing. Some looks never go out of style, while ’80s and ’90s designs are appearing everywhere again. It’s all about the old looks with updated fabrics.

’90s plaid is one of the big trends in promotional clothing right now. No longer is the red plaid look restricted to grunge fashion.

Color blocking is also on trend this year. Color blocking is the use of two contrasting colors used together to make visually interesting color combinations. High-visibility work gloves combine two contrasting colors so they’re both functional and in style.

5. Retail Quality Items

One of the biggest promotional clothing trends in 2019 seen at this year’s PPai Expo East are products with a retail look and feel. Clothing is softer and more durable. These higher-quality items are on par with clothing seen in a retail store.

Leatherette material is appearing more often as well. Leatherette is synthetic leather that has the same look and feel as real leather.

Leatherette doesn’t fade and it’s waterproof, which makes it a great low-maintenance option. Consider using it for promotional items that get a lot of use.

Although leatherette is on the rise, there are benefits to leather and leather blends. Leather is both high-quality and durable and leather work gloves are more likely to be used than cheap alternatives. Quality leather helps your product and your brand stand above the competition.

6. Environmentally Friendly Fabrics

Many consumers feel better about supporting a business that uses environmentally friendly methods. Reusable items are better than one-time use products.

With more eco-friendly options out there, sustainably sourced materials are huge this year. These are fabric blends that take less energy to produce and are better for the environment.

Not only are green products better for the environment, but they project a good image of your company. By offering reusable or recycled products, you’re proving that your business is eco-conscious.

7. Athleisure Clothing

One of the hot new promotional clothing trends this year is the athleisure look. Athleisure refers to performance clothing that’s both comfortable and stylish.

These clothes often have high-tech blends for optimal comfort and breathability. Fabrics are often moisture-wicking or antimicrobial, perfect for exercise and outdoor activities.

It’s all about versatility with this trend. Promotional athleisure clothing fits right in almost anywhere. It’s perfect for people on the go since it works both day and night.

Cotton knit gloves are both hypoallergenic and breathable. On a chilly day, they transition well both at work and off the job.

8. Game-Day Styles

Like athletic wear, game-day looks are also huge right now. Expect to see lots of color blocking and sporty styles on both men and women.

Game-day apparel combines that unisex comfort and fit with the Americana vibe. Bold color stripes and big logo designs are an easy way to use this trend when designing your promotional gloves.

Ready to Try These Promotional Clothing Trends?

Promotional advertising on clothing is a great way to boost your exposure. Stay on top of the promotional clothing trends for the year to ensure that customers wear and love your products. 

Providing a quality product like a durable pair of work gloves is more likely to earn you customer interest and loyalty. Style, comfort, and functionality are all key when it comes to promotional product advertising.

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