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Appropriate Safety Custom Gloves for Your Job

Individuals are often involved in different lines of duty and since no single, specific type of safety custom gloves provides protection for all types of jobs, it is important to know the appropriate type of safety glove for your job.

pizap.com14430025427611Whether you are farming at home, driving on the highway, operating machines in a factory or simply cleaning kitchen utensils, you will need safety gloves. The primary goal of any type of safety glove is to offer adequate protection for your hands.

Most of the accidents that safety gloves protect the hands against are grouped into four mainly chemicals, heat, cuts and abrasions. Below are the appropriate types and grades of safety gloves for your job:

  • Work Safety Gloves

2136BK-196x196Work safety gloves are mainly used for general work that may need direct contact with moving machine parts. The primary safety goal of work gloves is to protect the hands against cuts and abrasions.

Work safety gloves are mostly made from durable materials such as metal, leather and canvas. The aim of using such material is to ensure that they can protect the hands against cuts and bruising from machines. Always ensure that your work safety gloves are properly fitting so as not to pose any dangers to your hands.

  • Coated Safety Gloves

PC411-196x196Unlike work safety gloves, coated safety gloves are designed to protect the hands against stains and getting wet. Such gloves are coated with plastic materials which cannot allow for penetration of liquids.

Those who use coated gloves work in areas such as laundries where they come into contact with water, bleaching agents among other liquid substances which may either permanently stain or bleach the hands. Coated safety gloves are made from cotton fabrics.

  • Chemical Resistant Safety Gloves

PC408-196x196These types of safety gloves are made from compounds such as natural latex, butyl rubber, neoprene and nitrile rubber. Like the name suggest, chemical resistant gloves are designed to be used in work places where the hands come into contact with chemical reagents which are often highly harmful to the hands.

Some of such chemical reagents are highly corrosive and would pose irreversible damage to body tissues should they come into contact with the hands. A good instance of such chemical substances includes acids.

  • Insulated safety gloves

Insulated gloves are useful for those who work under electrically charged environments. It prevents such workers from electric shocks. Such gloves are designed from insulated materials like rubber and may at times be used to protect the hands against high temperatures.

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