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Cut Resistant Gloves

CR202-228x228What do you know about cut resistant gloves? There is much hype about cut resistant gloves and perhaps it is from the manner in which they protect the hands of those wearing them from cuts while working with sharp tools.


The reality is that handing sharp objects whether at home or at work place is quite a dangerous affair which can lead to minor cuts and even major injuries causing amputations. The only way you are going to prevent chopping off your finger is through the use of a cut resistant glove.


There are several types of materials used to make gloves resistant to cuts. This is the reason why cut resistant gloves are divided into three main categories known as the seamless knitted gloves, the metal mesh gloves and the cut and sewn gloves.

  • Metal mesh cut resistant gloves: These are made from rings of stainless steel and will mostly be used where food is involved such as kitchens and hotels.

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  • Cut and Sewn Cut resistant gloves: These are made from different types of conventional materials that ensure the palm lining of the gloves are cut resistant. The different cut resistant materials making this type of glove are often cut into small pieces and sewn into any glove to make it cut resistant.


  • The seamless knitted gloves: To make this type of cut resistant gloves, pieces are knitted together by a flat knitting machine. The protection from cuts in the seamless knitted gloves is provided by different materials such as poly Ethylene and fiberglass yarns. At time, thick seamless knitted gloves are knitted on a 10gauge machines before the gloves are coated with foamed polyurethane, latex or nitrile to guarantee quality.


Among the most famous cut resistant gloves in the market today is the Kevlar gloves offered by Logo Work Gloves. The Kevlar cut resistant gloves provide the safest solution to work done in perilous environments with highest possibilities of experiencing cuts. More to this, Kevlar cut resistant gloves are loved for their durability and thermal capability. You can click here to learn more about the Kevlar cut resistant gloves.

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