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Driving Gloves

DG1220(burn-in)-600x600Driving gloves are simply hand coverings that are designed of soft leather for the purposes of ensuring the driver has increased vehicle control. Driving gloves derive their origins not more than a century ago and were initially used for the purposes of keeping the hands clean during driving.

images (7)What necessitated the introduction of driving gloves were early racing cars whose steering wheels were made of wood that would make the hands dirty and at times cause injuries to the hands due to splints. This therefore prompted for the production of hand gloves for driving vehicles so as to protect the hand from harm and dirt.

Today, driving gloves are designed beautifully and for the purpose of ensuring that the driver has a firm grip at the steering wheel. The gloves are designed in such a manner that the wearer is able to have a firm grip regardless of the weather conditions. Today, driving gloves absorb sweat from the hands to ensure the steering wheel and the gear stick remains moisture free. DG1215(burn-in)-196x196

Best driving gloves have pores and grains that enhance hand friction upon gripping on a surface. Most of the recommended driving gloves also have openings for the fingers so as to enable the driver to hold the steering wheel while getting a feeling of the road.

Driving gloves are not just about enabling a driver to have a firm grip on the wheel but also for high levels of comfort while driving especially for long distances.  The comfort of a driver contributes to his general safety as it lessens fatigue and thereby ensures increased control at higher vehicle speeds.

file000856409510There are special cases where driving gloves are worn not to protect the hands but to protect the steering wheel against wearing out. This is true especially when the steering wheel is made from ivory or vintage wood that will lose its coloring and value if constantly in contact with bear hands.

During winter, drivers wear driving gloves to prevent their hands from freezing while driving. During such types, many people look for stylish gloves for driving so that their gloves can not only be useful in driving but also act as part of their style of fashion.

One unique quality of driving gloves is that they are highly flexible with maximum ventilation levels. For enhanced ventilation, most driving gloves have holes punched within their structure. They will also have a stud fastener closure so as to ensure they fit properly around the wrists.

DG1214(burn-in)-228x228How do you choose a good driving glove? Even though these gloves are available in almost any chain store offering protective gloves, if you want the best driving gloves, it is recommended that you should use the services of an expert to make the selection for you.

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