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How to Choose the Best Types of Gloves to Promote Your Business

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Logo gloves have one thing no other promotional item has for building your brand awareness. They give you double exposure.

People talk and work with their hands so there’s no better place to put your logo. Plus, unlike other clothing, such as hats and shirts, people wear two gloves. So, your business gets twice the advertising potential.

When selecting work gloves for your promotional campaigns, it’s important to explore the world of gloves available for your industry. Then figure out how different types of gloves fit into your promotional packages.

Do you know the best gloves for successful business promotions?

Find out about the best types of logo gloves for building your brand and protecting your workers.

Know Your Types of Gloves

When you invest in promotional logo gloves for your company, think about style, ruggedness and protection. You want the gloves to match your branding and increase your reach.

When your employees wear logo work gloves on the job, they’re marketing for you. Also, if you give your gloves to clients as promotional gifts, you extend your reach even further.

Knowing the different style of hand gloves can help you decide which gloves are the best promotional products for your business.

Top Grain Leather

These protection gloves have a smooth finish. They’re known for comfort and are thick-cut for the best protection. They’re rugged, durable and long-lasting.

Split Grain Leather

These leather gloves have a textured finish. You might know split-grain leather as suede. They’re cut a little thinner than top grain leather, but they’re very durable. This type of glove is more economical than top grain.

Pigskin Leather

If you’ve ever worn pigskin leather gloves, you know how soft they are. Pigskin is more durable than cowhide. It also breathes better than other leathers.

Anti-Vibration Gloves

With additional padding in the palm of these gloves, they lighten the vibrations in your hands. They protect against hand trauma, blows and the impact of using vibrating tools.

Kevlar Gloves

These durable, lightweight Kevlar gloves are cut-resistant and heat-resistant. Did you know Kevlar is five times stronger than steel?

They protect your hands from cuts, abrasions and burns. They’re ideal for working with steel parts, sheet metal and other workplace hazards.

High-Visibility Gloves

You can find high-visibility gloves in bright colors, such as fluorescent yellow and orange for safety on construction jobs, directing traffic or night work. They’re available in latex and leather palm styles for imprinting your customized business logo.

PVC Gloves

For people working with chemicals and other liquids, PVC gloves offer protection from the chemicals. They keep your hands dry and safe.

Welding Gloves

Welding gloves are for working with extreme heat, such as hot surfaces, sparks and open flames. The inside has absorbent material for a better grip with sweating hands.

Vinyl Work Gloves

These are economical and convenient work gloves. You can use them for light-duty work, such as roadside cleanups. You can easily stuff them into your coat or pants pockets.

Cotton Work Gloves

Cotton logo gloves are great for promotional giveaways and light work applications. They’re cost-effective and comfortable. Some styles have imbedded PVC dots for additional gripping power.

Garden Gloves

Specifically designed for gardening and nursery industries, these are lightweight, protective gloves. They’re usually available in waterproof styles, leather and cotton.

Hunting Gloves

You can find hunting gloves styles in safety orange colors or camouflage patterns. Most hunting gloves have insulation for cold and wind protection.

Leather Palm Gloves

Both comfortable and protective, these gloves feature a leather palm and cotton back. You get the best of both worlds with these work gloves. They’re rugged enough for industrial work and comfortable enough to wear all day.

Guide for Selecting Promotional Logo Gloves

The following simple guidelines can help you choose the right promotional work gloves for your company.

Decide Why You Need Gloves

The first thing to do is to decide why you need the gloves. Are they for your customers? Are they for your employees? Do you need lightweight gloves for consumers or heavy-duty protection gloves for industrial workers?

Answering these questions will help you choose which type of gloves to buy.

Determine the Type of Logo and Name Imprint You Want

Choose the custom logo imprint based on what best reflects your company vision. You should select the glove style first because some imprints work better on certain glove materials. Also, using multiple colors can also limit your glove options.

Select Gloves Appropriate for Your Weather

If you’re investing in gloves for your local business and customers, choose glove material for your typical weather conditions. Also, consider whether the gloves are for use in a climate-controlled setting, for cold conditions or extreme heat.

Consider the Sizes You Need

A lot of work gloves are one-size-fits-all. But, many gloves require you to choose sizes, especially if you’re purchasing them for men and women. Knowing your workforce and target audience can help you decide which sizes you need.

Decide on the Quantity You Need

Consider your budget before ordering your promotional gloves. This will determine the quality and quantity of gloves you can purchase.

For example, if you use the gloves as promotional giveaways, you’ll need more gloves and less quality. If the gloves are for your workers’ protection, you’ll need higher quality, durable gloves.

Expand Your Reach and Grow Your Visibility

Now that you know all the different types of gloves, grow your visibility by capitalizing on logo work gloves. You can reach a larger audience with a product that represents your brand.

Having your workers wear logo gloves or using the gloves as promotional gifts is all about getting your name out there. Work gloves are so durable, they’ll keep your name in the public eye for years, and the gloves have long-lasting value.

Logo work gloves showcase your printed logo and build brand awareness. It’s like getting free marketing and exposure when your workers wear them.

Contact us for high-quality logo work gloves. Whether you’re looking for industrial or consumer gloves, we offer competitive pricing, custom labeling and guaranteed quality.



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