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How to Choose the Right Safety Gloves

Safety GlovesSelecting safety gloves is more important that you imagine. Selecting the right gloves may stand between you and deadly workplace injuries. It is for this reason that you need to know how to choose the right safety gloves.

Even before you make a choice, you need to know that gloves alone will not protect you. Even as you wear them, you will still need to act responsibly and practice caution.

For instance, should you be working in a mechanical plant and a dangerous chemical spills on the safety gloves, it is your responsibility to discard and replace your gloves. Here are some tips to choosing the right safety gloves:

  • Consider the type of work

Different gloves are used to perform different kinds of work. For instance, safety gloves used for gardening are totally different from those used in hospitals. Therefore, before you purchase safety gloves, you need to know the exact place where you are going to use the gloves.

  • Consider what others are using in the same profession

There are several types of safety gloves that are already in use in your line of profession. For instance, if you work in a chemical industry, it will do you a lot of good if you were to spend some time in researching on the best types of safety gloves for chemical industries.

Such information will help you make a wise decision on personal safety. Getting references from friends is a good way to begin. You can also use online search engines such as Google and Yahoo or refer to well-known safety gloves providers such as Logo Works Gloves.

  • Consider their durability

Depending on the nature of work you do, most of the time, safety gloves are highly durable. When selecting a safety glove, remember that the safety of your hands will lie within the gloves. Therefore, in possible circumstances, consider the durability of such gloves.

  • Consider Their Size

Size matters because not all hands are the same. Some are small, while others are relatively large. The right size of safety gloves is important because they will allow you to work freely.

When gloves are too tight, you will have so much discomfort that you may not concentrate on your work. Tight gloves may also prevent free flow of blood into the fingers leading to numbness.

On the other hand, loose gloves may pose even a bigger threat as they may come off during work exposing your hands to danger. As such, getting the right size is pretty important when choosing the right safety gloves. It is the reason these gloves come in different sizes!

6 thoughts on “How to Choose the Right Safety Gloves

  1. I totally agree with all that you pointed out here. I made a mistake of buying a glove that is too tight for me. I ended up giving it away. It’s really uncomfortable working on it. I had to take it out and bear the consequence of working without my gloves on. Such terrible experience.

    1. You are right Ricky. It’s best that you carefully buy gloves that fits you perfectly. Not too tight and not too much space for movement.

  2. I ordered from you guys before for our company. I will have to order again for some new crew that we have. What is your turnaround time again? Thanks.

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