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How to Use Promotional Gloves as Part of Your Business Marketing Strategy

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hand injuries are one of the highest incidences of occupational injuries. With over 137,000 injuries a year only back injuries are more common. Gloves are the personal protective equipment that can make a major difference to workplace safety.

Give a boost to your marketing communication while making a difference in people’s working lives. Read on to learn how your business can use personalized gloves in your marketing strategy. 

Make Personalized Gloves your Business Card

Every time you meet a potential client you probably take the opportunity to give them your business card. What do you think happens to it? In many cases, it is discretely disposed of as quickly as possible.

Even if a potential client wants to recall your contact details later, they will probably forget where they put your card. Ideally, you want to present potential clients with a memento that they will keep and that will remind them of you on a frequent and regular basis. It’s even better if they can use that memento to find a brand name and contact details.

Promotional gloves can fulfill all these requirements. They are a corporate gift that will be used again and again in the workshop, construction site, factory floor or whatever workplace your client needs them. A high-quality product with a high-quality printed logo and message can be your most effective business card.

Targeted Brand Awareness

Every day you see advertising and marketing messages for products and services you are not interested in and never will be. The cost of this scattergun approach to marketing messaging is huge. With so much wasted effort you have to wonder how much of the message gets through to the right target customer.

If you know your client well, then you can target your marketing effort. Be focused in your messaging. Spend your marketing budget with pinpoint precision. 

For example, if your market is the construction industry and the decision makers that you want to reach work on construction sites, why not find a way of presenting your logo to them where they are. If your market is the automotive industry and your target customer works all day in an automotive repair shop, wouldn’t it be great if you could arrange for them to see your logo every day?

Distribute your promotional gloves to these workplaces and you have achieved your targeted brand awareness strategy.

Communicate your Brand Values

What are your brand values? Do they include some element of caring for your customers? Many companies include some aspect of customer care in their corporate or brand values but few live these values in any practical way.

Customer care most often takes the form of an attempt to make more sales. It’s easily seen through by customers and may even be regarded as cynical and actually a turn off to customers. How would it be if your care for customers could be demonstrated in a practical way that makes a real difference to their lives?

Workplace injuries to hands can be at the least unpleasant and in extreme cases, life-changing. If you work with your hands in construction, a hand injury can mean a long absence from work. It can end your career altogether.

By branding personal protective equipment like gloves and encouraging people to use them you may be making a difference to the workplace safety of your customers. How’s that for living your customer care values in a memorable and positive way?

Trade Stand Goodies

If you ever go to trade shows you will probably return home with a bag full of the usual promotional goodies. Pens and mints might last a short while but quickly go the way of many promotional items. Whether they are lost or disposed of, they have a limited life.

A promotion gift that has a real use to a potential client stays around. It’s rare to find gifts that have this kind of longevity. Promotional clothing is amongst a few promotional gifts that have a long life.

Giveaways at a trade show are one way of reminding your potential customers about your products and services and about you. Your potential clients will remember being given the gift of work gloves because it is unusual. They’ll remember who gave them the gloves because of the custom logo and message you print on the glove, and they’ll see that whenever they use them. 

Share the Load

You have a heavy workload. Getting your message out to potential customers takes effort and many hours of sustained work. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had more people to help get that message out?

You can share the load of delivering your marketing message by giving away personalized work gloves. Everybody who wears your gloves is helping you pass on the message. They’re endorsing your brand by wearing them and everybody they run into during their working day becomes aware of it.

The first person you are communicating to is the person to whom you give the work gloves. These people also pass on the message to their work associates, their boss, customers, and suppliers. These may be the ultimate clients for your products or services.

Share the load of spreading your message with this extended sales team. Even better if they tell everybody about how good the gloves are. If they love the quality of the work gloves, they’ll also believe in the quality of the brand on them.

Working Hand-In-Glove with Customers

When a customer is delivering service to their customers or working to deliver their core business they appreciate suppliers who are with them. Help your customers feel you are part of their core business by working hand-in-glove with them. Personalized gloves symbolize this more than any promotional gift.

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