How to Wash Your Dirty Winter Gloves



There is nothing more stressing than dirty gloves. Sometimes your winter gloves will become dirty pretty fast though this depends on the nature of jobs you use them for. As a result, knowing how to clean them are pretty important.

Here are some quick insights into cleaning various types of winter gloves at home:

  • Cleaning leather winter gloves
    When it comes to washing leather winter insulated gloves, you will need to use oil-based soaps like the saddle soap. Such soaps help in effective removal of stains from the gloves. Wash your gloves well and rinse properly before hanging them to dry. saddle

Once dry, you will need to polish the gloves using a microfiber piece of cloth. To achieve this, you canĀ  use baking soda or corn starch which you sprinkle on the inside part of your gloves. Disinfect inside the gloves by spraying with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.

  • Cleaning wool winter gloves
    In washing woolen gloves, you will have to use warm water and a hand soap. You should allow your gloves to soak in the soapy water for some minutes before you remove them and press them flat on a clean surface to drain out water.images (4)

While draining water from the gloves, never twist or wring, instead, use a towel. Do this by placing them inside the towel which you roll and press such that the towel absorbs water. Once that is done, unroll the towel and place on a flat drying screen.

  • Cleaning Cotton winter gloves

Cotton gloves can be washed in a washing machine using cold water. However, do not use the washing machine to dry your cotton gloves as this will encourage shrinking. Should your cotton winter gloves have any stains, it is best to use a spot cleaner and a brush to remove the stain. download (1)
Cotton gloves once cleaned, are dried under natural air. Bleaching is also not encourages as this may interfere with the color of the gloves. If you are to bleach, try washing with oxygen bleach because it cannot remove the color of the gloves.

  • Cleaning Water proof gloves

There are gloves used during winter that are waterproof. When cleaning such gloves, you will use either alcohol or hydrogen peroxide which is sprayed to disinfect the gloves. Once done, you can sprinkle corn starch or baking powder on the inside as a disinfectant.images (5)

There is much more you will need to learn on the care and types of winter gloves. You can get more information by clicking here.



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    1. No it wont Naomi. It’s fabric is durable enough to stand washing machines. Just dry it properly though.

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