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Lend a Helping Hand: 9 Reasons Why Custom Logo Gloves Are Right for Your Business

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When thinking of ways to promote your business through merchandising, you could be forgiven for overlooking your clients’ hands…

However, custom logo gloves could actually be just the unique promotional item your business needs to capture the attention of clients both old and new!

Read on for our guide to why custom logo gloves are the right unique promotional item for your business.

1. Look Great

Gloves are a great way to incorporate your logo onto an everyday item that is chosen for both practicality and style.

Whether your customers need gloves for work, just doing chores around the house, warmth when heading out or just for fashion, they will thank you for a very practical and stylish fun promotional item – as long as they look great.

Depending on the type of application that you choose, make sure that you pick a glove that looks the part. Check out online reviews to see what styles are selling well and why people like them.

Get the look wrong and you can guarantee they’ll be consigned to the back of a drawer, or worse, go straight in the trash!

2. Suitable for a Variety of Businesses

Gloves are an essential everyday part of personal protective equipment for many businesses.

Whether they are disposable gloves for applications such as the medical field, or hard wearing rigger gloves that are part of every construction worker’s daily toolkit, they are an essential component of many people’s daily workwear.

This gives you a unique business opportunity. Depending on the nature of your business, it may have applications across a number of professions.

Not all workers will use pens or mouse mats, but get your gloves right and you could have fun promotional items that capture the attention of a very wide audience.

3. Eye-catching

Although no statistics are currently available on how many times the average person looks at the back of their hand in an average workday, anecdotal evidence shows that we all do it. A lot.

There’s a reason why we wear watches close by on our wrists – they’re easy to look at. Putting your logo on the back of someone’s hand is a great way to ensure that they’re seeing it and thinking about it constantly through the day.

4. Inexpensive

A quick look online will show you that unless they’re for professional, super-tough purposes like welding, most gloves are very inexpensive to buy.

Buy them in bulk and put your logo on them and you have a very desirable, but very inexpensive way to raise awareness of your brand.

Logo printers may be able to connect you with suppliers of unbranded gloves or be able to supply them directly to you at wholesale prices.

5. Build Brand Loyalty

Promotional items work – studies have shown that across all generations, they are more successful than print, online and broadcast advertising at prompting action.

Great promotional items ideas that are fun and distinctive do not come along all that often, which is why logo gloves are such a great idea.

One of the key reasons why people keep hold of promotional products is because they are functional. Another is because they are fun. If you can marry the two, you’ll have a hit with customers. This will help to build brand loyalty.

When your name and logo resonate with fun and function in the minds of clients, they’ll be more likely to use you over your competitors and more likely to recommend you to their friends.

6. Promote Safety Credentials

If your business is built around safety systems, compliance or products, it makes sense to offer a unique promotional product that reinforces your company’s image.

This works especially well if you put your logo on work gloves worn by people in professions such as building, auto repair, and welding, where safety is a key consideration.

7. They’re Unique

Every day, people are bombarded with promotional material and gift items from companies looking for their business.

How many promotional pens, calendars, coffee mugs and mouse mats have you been through over the years? While we know these things are effective, there’s a lot to be said for having a promotional item that is truly unique.

Custom logo gloves give you just that. The opportunity to give your clients something that no-one else is giving them. The uniqueness is worth its weight in gold in marketing terms.

8. Free Advertising

Wherever your gloves go, you go too – that gives you lots of additional advertising you’re not paying for.

Give them a great quality promotional product and people won’t just wear it, they’ll become mini-brand ambassadors for your company.

Make sure your employees are hooked up with the merch as well – they’re among the most powerful marketing tool you have.

9. Great Way to Reward Customers

If you’re in a business where most of your customers are regular glove users, you’ve got a great opportunity to build promotional glove giveaways into your marketing strategy.

You’ve got something they need and are a regular expense for them – they can give you the publicity and advertising you want.

Think about what promotions could work for your business that could incentivize them to keep their business with you – and do more business with you – by using the gloves as part of your gift offering.

Summary: Why Custom Logo Gloves are the Perfect Unique Promotional Item for Your Business

If you’re looking for a truly unique promotional item the give some serious thought to custom logo gloves.

You’re literally placing yourself in the palm of your customer’s hands – keeping them thinking about you as they go about their work each and every day.

They’re inexpensive, yet practical. Put some thought into it and they can be fun and stylish too. Make them something that your customers will want to wear, and you’ll get stacks of free advertising into the bargain!

It’s important when choosing merchandising options that you focus on what doesn’t work, as well as what does. Click here to check out our blog on this today!

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