Marketing to the Masses: 3 Reasons Why Promotional Products Work

promotional products

In 2017, US and UK marketers spent a whopping $52 billion on digital marketing alone. That’s a 44% increase from the previous year!

That figure doesn’t even include out-of-home advertising expenditures. In the US alone, companies spent a staggering $8 billion for OOH advertising. That includes print ads, such as billboards and street signs.

All this shows how vital both digital and print marketing is to businesses. The thing is, many of these platforms could be expensive for small business owners.

If you’re an SMB owner, using promotional products is one affordable way to get your brand known. Best of all, they can perform their purpose much longer than TV or radio commercials.

The question now is, how effective are promotional items as marketing tools? What do they bring to the table that makes them a worthy investment?

We’ll give you three great reasons, so be sure to keep reading!

1. Free Things Are Irresistible

If there’s one thing that people — including Americans — love, it’s the four-letter word “free”. In fact, it’s the main reason many of them are willing to stand in line for hours. The sole fact that one can get something without paying up makes it worthy of joining the long queues.

To many, anything that’s free is a welcome respite from today’s high cost of living. In the U.S., for instance, the cost of living has jumped by a whopping 14% from 2015 to 2018. Tuition fees, real estate, and even groceries — you name it, its price has likely gone up and will continue to do so.

Also, most consumers think that purchases always come with the risk of disappointment. If they end up not liking what they bought, then they’re likely to think that they’ve wasted their money.

This is why consumers think of free products as items with a higher value than those they need to pay for. They won’t be risking their hard-earned money, so they’ll happily take that freebie. They are free, after all, and they offer something to consumers without them having to dole out cash.

All these make promotional products hard to resist and effective strategies for marketing.

2. Free But Useful Items Can Be a Key to Effective Publicity

By giving away promotional items, you’re already sharing great news about your brand. These “free” merchandise will instill not only brand awareness but also brand recall.

For starters, promotional products are free, which will already likely attract consumers. It’ll spark interest in people, even those who don’t know about your business. These folks would want to know what you’re giving away for free and how they can also get those freebies.

That alone would make them want to more about your business. They’d want to learn about the goods or services that you have to offer.

Even if they don’t need the products or services you sell now, they’d likely remember your brand once they do. That’s brand recall right there, which your giveaways have instilled in them.

But that’s not all there is to promotional merchandise. Let’s take a look at a couple of other ways that promotional gifts can benefit your business.

A Low-Cost Strategy for Long-Term Marketing

Consumers won’t lose money to get free goods and services, but what about your business?

Don’t worry, as most promotional products are cheap in terms of price, and if you order in bulk. Just be sure to order them from reliable and highly-rated promotional products companies. This way, you can make certain that the items are of top quality.

Also, by ordering in bulk, you’ll have more consumers to give them away to. And because they’re affordable, you can use them as a staple marketing tool. This allows you to use them for multiple marketing campaigns.

However, it’s best to choose items that recipients will have an actual use for, and not just end up at the back of a closet. The more useful the products are, the more effective they will be for marketing.

For instance, you can take advantage of the fact that there are now over 225.712 million drivers in the US. This means that almost every potential customer you encounter drives. So, why not consider giving them free driver’s gloves, which they can use every time they drive?

Portable Advertisements

So long as you give away useful promotional products, consumers are likely to use them. Especially if you choose high-quality items, such as winter insulated hand gloves.

Every time people use an item printed with your brand logo, your business gets free publicity. The more use they get out of the product, the more they’ll remember your brand. And the more people they expose your brand name to.

This is how promotional merchandise also serves as portable ads. The more people who use these products, the greater your brand name will spread. Imagine how many more potential customers you can get from these “walking” ads!

3. Promotional Products Trigger Humans to Honor the “Law of Reciprocity”

For most people, receiving something for nothing triggers a feeling of reciprocity. It’s a natural emotion that makes them want to “repay” the kindness and give something back.

This phenomenon is what we call the “Law of Reciprocity“. Think of it as a “paying it forward” kind of situation. Those who receive something useful, valuable, or helpful would also want to do the same for others.

That said, promotional items could trigger these feelings. Consumers who receive such products may feel that they’d want to do something in return. And that could be buying your other products or hiring your services.

Invest in Useful Promotional Items to up Your Marketing Ante Now

There you have it, all the reasons you’d want to start giving away promotional products. They’re not just a one-time method to spread the word about your brand. So long as they’re useful and durable, they can be a long-term marketing tool for your business.

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