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More Than Fashion: The Benefits of Men’s Leather Gloves

mens leather gloves

Dentists don disposable gloves to prevent germs; construction workers wear gloves for protection and chauffeurs wear gloves for added grip.

We wear gloves for many occupations, and men’s leather gloves can be a great addition to any professional uniform. As a business, you want exposure. So it’s wise to invest in promotional gloves to solidify yourself as a trustworthy company and attract new customers.

Are you thinking about adding branded leather gloves to your team’s uniform but not 100% sure about the benefits? Read on to find out.

Benefits of Promotional Gloves

There are many benefits to introducing branded gloves to your team’s uniform. For example, promotional gloves:

Increase Brand Awareness

When your team is wearing gloves with the company’s logo, they’re increasing exposure whether they’re on or off-site. Displaying your logo to the public raises awareness of your brand and is a cost-effective way to advertise your services.

Creates a Unified Look

First impressions are crucial to upholding a professional image. Strategic branding is the key to attracting new and returning customers.

Ensure your team wears your company’s branded gloves for a cohesive look. Wearing your own gloves doesn’t look professional and customers won’t think you’re as credible as competitors who are dressed head-to-toe in branded apparel.

Boosts Team Morale

Sports teams have their own uniform down to their socks, so why shouldn’t your uniform include branded gloves? Wearing logo gloves will bolster your team’s enthusiasm and loyalty, resulting in a positive work environment. You can even create formal gloves with your logo for any special events, or as a prize to the best employee.

Branded Gloves for Every Occasion

There is a glove fit for every occasion and as you search for the best gloves sporting your brand’s logo, you must decide which will be most useful for brand awareness.

Daywear Gloves

Daywear gloves focus on both functionality and style, making them a great opportunity to display your business’ logo. They are made from high-quality leather and are available in a thin, snug-fit that works well for many businesses.

Driving Gloves

Although slightly niche, it’s possible to find the perfect pair of leather racing gloves. Racing gloves have large holes that run along the knuckle and aren’t designed to insulate but to improve the driver’s experience and offer a softer, more refined feel on the wheel.

If your business requires driving long distances, why not invest in a pair of branded driving gloves? It’s a great way to establish your business even when you’re on the road.

Leather is Practical

Leather is popular because of its availability and durability. Even though you can find other materials such as synthetic leather or woolen gloves, leather is far more practical as it is resistant to:

  • High temperature
  • Flame and fire
  • Abrasion and friction

Leather’s tough exterior protects you from cuts, splinters, and injuries that can occur in high-risk environments.

Leather Comes in Many Styles

Depending on your business, you must find the best type of leather for your line of work. Once you’ve decided, print your logo on them so customers know who they’re dealing with. The best leather gloves are made from:

Cowhide Leather

This type of leather is cheaper. It’s durable but lacks stretch. They are perfect for those who want a quick and convenient option. Add your logo to complete your team’s uniform affordably with cowhide leather gloves.

Peccary Leather

Peccary leather is the creme de la creme. It ticks all the boxes with suppleness, flexibility, and durability to keep your hands comfortable for a long time. Make sure you add your logo to unite your team and boost your company’s credibility.

Hair Sheep Leather

This option creates the best leather glove especially with your logo printed on them. Hair sheep leather’s thickness is barely noticeable and they have an impressive resistance to wear and tear. This type of leather sits in the upper quartile of the price range and are made from one of the finest types of leather available.

Pigskin, Deerskin and Buffalo Leather

If you’re more adventurous, why not try a unique type of leather? Pigskin is thick but has a soft feel. A significant advantage of pigskin leather is how its breathable hide doesn’t stiffen after getting wet.

Deerskin is soft and provides better flexibility than other options. As this is a light skin leather, your hands won’t overheat or sweat much compared to others.

Buffalo leather is rugged and has superior abrasion resistance. It is also breathable and resists puncture better than other types.

Are You Ready to Stay Stylish with Men’s Leather Gloves?

Men’s leather gloves are versatile and make a great addition to any professional uniform, both for their style and functionality. There are many benefits to wearing gloves, as they are adaptable to the weather, fashionable and can protect your hands from injury.

Once you’ve decided on the type leather you want, it’s essential that you print your logo on the pair. Promotional gloves are a great way to raise awareness of your brand and boost brand loyalty with both your customers and your employees.

If you want to learn more about creating the perfect branded gloves for your business, we’d love to chat. Contact us here if you want more tips to guide you on your search.

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