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Tips for Choosing the Best Promotional Items for Your Business

best promotional items

Did you know that people who receive a promotional product are more likely to have a good impression of the company who gave it to them?

That’s right–and it’s a clear indicator that promotional giveaways are still an effective marketing strategy, even in this digital age.

However, if you want your promotional giveaways to be successful, you can’t just choose any old item to give out. Gone are the days of printing your logo on some cheap pens, or giving out a branded mousepad.

Let’s be honest, how many people even use a mousepad nowadays?

Instead, you’ll need to think carefully about the kind of person you’re targeting, the event you’ll be giving items away at, and the kinds of items that will stand the test of time.

Feeling lost?

Keep reading for five expert tips on choosing the best promotional items for your brand.

1. Think About Your Target Customer

What makes your ideal customer tick? What are they into? How do they spend their time?

Answering these key questions will help you to choose an item that suits your target customer’s lifestyle down to a tee.

Let’s say you’re selling premium, organic dog food that appeals to conscious pet owners. Would they appreciate a promotional plastic dog toy, or something more natural, like a toy made from jute, cotton, or leather?

Are you promoting a new sports product to semi-professional athletes? Giving out a cheap water bottle probably won’t go down well, but a well-designed, ergonomic bottle with a built-in filter should draw the crowds.

Knowing your audience is essential if you want to choose the right promotional items.

2. Consider the Event You’ll Be At

Tailoring your promotional items to the event you’re attending is a smart move that can drastically increase interest.

Let’s say you’re attending an outdoor event on the hottest day of the year. Giving out branded ice packs, bottles of water or miniature fans will make you the most popular stand around.

If you’re at a winter event, you’ll probably do better with thermos flasks, ice scrapers, and lip balm.

The content of the event matters, too. For a business event, most attendees will appreciate practical items, like notebooks, memory sticks, and cardholders.

For fun events based on sports or music, novelty items like foam fingers, inflatables, and wristbands are likely to be more popular.

Knowing your event is just as important as knowing your customer, so be sure to do your research.

3. Choose Something Genuinely Useful

Is there anything worse than getting home from an event with a bag full of useless freebies?


If you don’t give away items that are genuinely useful to customers, they’re likely to end up straight in the garbage can–which means nobody will remember your brand.

If you want your investment in promotional items to be worth it, you need to choose items with a genuine practical use.

The exact item you go for will vary according to the industry you’re operating in, but the principle is the same.

If you’re promoting a modern brand and you want to appeal to young people, opting for a tech-based product like a speaker, power bank, or car charger is a smart move.

For a fashion or beauty brand, giving out a wearable item like a branded tote bag, T-shirt, or hoodie is a great option. If your item looks good enough to wear, you’ll get maximum exposure when your customers model it around town.

Before hitting ‘buy’ on any promotional item, ask yourself, “Will people actually use this?”

If the answer’s no, you need to keep looking.

4. Opt for Quality over Quantity

Did you know that 6 in 10 people keep promotional products for up to two years?

That means that having fewer items of a higher quality could pay off in the long run, as that is less likely to end up in the bin after a few days.

Try to choose products that will last for many years and could become a new staple in your target customer’s daily routine.

It could be the trendy water bottle they take to work every day, the cardholder they use for their daily train ticket, or the favorite mug they always drink their evening coffee from.

Even dated promotional items take on a new character when you focus on quality–what if the best pen you’ve ever owned was given to you for free by a brand?

Deciding on a budget for promotional items can be hard, so remember that you’re getting up to two years of advertising out of each item when you opt for quality.

That’s a hell of a lot more than you can say for most modern marketing strategies.

5. Tap into Current Trends

Staying current is a guaranteed way to stand out from the crowd with your promotional items, so be sure to check out the current trends before you buy.

Most of the best promotional items fall into either the tech or eco-friendly category.

These are two sectors that are huge right now–even if they don’t seem to be directly related to your company.

Running a flower shop?

Giving away a tech-themed item shows that you’re on the cutting edge, and can help promote services like online flower delivery.

Trying to sell cars?

An eco-friendly giveaway item shows that you care about the environment, which could give you an edge over competitors.

If you want to choose the best promotional items, you need to stay on trend.

How to Choose the Best Promotional Items

Finding the best promotional items is all about getting to know your customers, planning for the event you’ll be attending, and focusing on high-quality items that are genuinely useful.

If you stick to the golden rules above, you’re guaranteed to choose promotional items that will do your brand justice.

Promotional items have the power to give better results than even the most cutting-edge marketing channels, so don’t discount them.

Want more tips on boosting your image with branded items? Visit our blog today.

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