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Trade Show Giveaways That Actually Impress Future Customers

trade show giveaways

Promotional items are nothing new.

Indeed, 80% of people already have anywhere between 1 and 10 promotional products in their possession! The use of branded giveaways as part of a business’ marketing strategy is clearly nothing new.

It isn’t hard to understand why, either. These freebies promise to generate brand awareness, drive leads, and even boost sales.

The same benefits, and more, apply to trade show giveaways too. Get the right product and you’ll enjoy more foot traffic at your booth, greater brand exposure, and the chance of attracting future customers.

Choose unwisely, though, and you’ll only attract uninterested people who just want a freebie! Of course, you lose money on a wasted investment at the same time.

Looking for advice on the best product to give away at your upcoming trade shows?

Keep reading to learn about 8 of them.

1. Tote Bags

Tote bags are a classic promotional giveaway for any event.

Practical and visually appealing, they’re almost always put to good use in and out of the event.

After all, attendees will have a host of things to carry around on the day. Having a bag comes in handy for the purpose.

Even better, the bags act as free advertising after the event. People may continue to use the tote in their everyday lives. The result? Your brand gets flashed around to anybody they meet.

Slap your logo onto a tote of quality material and you’re onto a winner.

However, expect to see other booths giving away their own branded bags too. Remember, these are popular giveaways! Other businesses are likely to leverage that knowledge.

2. Shirts And/Or Hoodies

Clothing’s another great bet.

Let’s face it, everybody loves getting free clothes! When they look good and fit well, people will happily accept and use your giveaway. Be it a shirt, vest, hoodie, jersey, or anything else, the right design is sure to be a hit.

A bit like the tote bag, having your logo somewhere visible means they’ll carry you around with them long after the event itself. That’s a mighty boon for brand exposure.

It’s important to think about your customers though.

There’s no point paying for clothes your target customer will never wear. Keep their interests (and not to mention their actual sizes!) in mind when designing and manufacturing the items.

Here’s some information on creating a customer avatar that might help.

3. Mugs

You might think that free mugs have been overdone.

And it’s true.

Most people have at least one promotional mug gathering dust at the back of a kitchen shelf somewhere. All too often, free mugs are happily received but never put to use. Worse, they find themselves in the trash.

But not always. The primary benefit of giving away mugs is that everybody uses them!

Give enough away and you can almost guarantee that your brand will find a permanent spot in peoples’ homes.

The key is to invest in quality mugs that stand out somehow. For example, mugs that change color when they’re hot/cold add a cool and novel touch.

4. Journals

Journals are a lovely and personal giveaway option.

Far less generic than other possibilities at your disposal, they’ll be accepted gratefully by happy event attendees.

After all, journals are practical, intimate, and prized items for many people! Like anything, the more valuable something seems, the more attractive they become. Add your brand’s logo and style to the journal and people will see it whenever they come to write in it.

Again, think about your target customer. Would they want, need, or use a journal? If not, then it makes no sense to give them away.

5. Pens and Pencils

Pens and pencils have been a go-to giveaway forever and a day.

Rest assured that other booths at the trade show will be giving these away.

And for good reason! They’re another prime example of a product that everyone needs and uses. There’s nothing better than a good quality pen/pencil. Pop your logo and business on them and people will thank you for it every time they need to write something down.

Their prevalence can be problematic though. After all, you only need so many things to write with! Many promotional pens and pencils find themselves in the trash.

Make yours different. Different colors, novel functionality, and sustainable materials will all help them stand out.

6. Bottled Water

Events and trade shows are hard work.

They can be long and tiring days for everyone involved. Attendees will want, need, and appreciate the free bottled water you hand out to them!

With your brand on the label, they’ll know who they have to thank.

One consideration here is the environmental impact though. Brands claiming to advocate a green and sustainable image should think twice about all those plastic bottles ending up in the bin.

7. Reusable Straws

Single-use straws have been sent to the naughty step.

The world we live in is steadily moving away from unsustainable, eco-unfriendly goods. All those flimsy plastic straws heading to the scrap heap don’t sit well on peoples’ consciences.

Giving away reusable straws made from metal, wood, or durable plastic is a nice alternative.

Tradeshow attendees will note your encouragement of sustainable practices, bolstering your green image. They’ll also appreciate a genuinely useful product to take home and use.

8. Work Gloves

Work gloves are our final suggestion for a top tradeshow giveaway.

Consumers in a wide array of fields would love to receive a free pair of them. Everybody from gardeners and construction workers to your everyday DIY Joe will happily take them off your hands (literally!).

After all, work gloves are another example of a giveaway with practical appeal; almost everybody needs a pair of hardy gloves in their home.

With your brand logo on the back of their hands, your business will be in front of your customers for every task they have to do. 

Sound good? Here are all of our work gloves for you to choose from.

Try These Trade Show Giveaways

Promotional products can work wonders for businesses.

However, enjoying the potential benefits on offer is reliant on giving the right item away. Hopefully, this post has provided sufficient inspiration to help you choose your trade show giveaways!

Ready to purchase promotional items for your trade show? Our gloves are perfect. Contact us today to find out more.

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