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Types of Custom Printed Gloves offered by Logo Work Gloves

Oswalt Septic TankDo you want custom printed gloves? Among the best gloves with logo are the ones provided by Logo Work Gloves.  Such gloves are custom branded to suit the needs and preferences of their customers. Private label gloves have been known as among the best way through which businesses can easily and cheaply market themselves on the global platform.

Gloves provided by Logo Work Glove stores are mainly made from durable materials such as leather with highly competitive prices. These gloves come with customized logos as per the need and preference of the clients. The category of branded gloves provided by Logo Work gloves are:

·         Anti-vibration gloves


Because of the manner in which they are designed and made, an anti-vibration work glove helps alleviate stressful conditions to the hands. These customized gloves have an extra padding on the surface of the palms that makes them comfortable and very easy to work with.

·         Cotton Kit Gloves


Logo works cotton kit gloves are manufactured from synthetic materials and have earned their reputation as among the most comfortable gloves you can purchase in today’s market. They also have a perfect air circulation system which helps keep moisture away from the hands.


Dipped Gloves

PC412-196x196Logo Works dipped gloves are well aerated gloves that are designed with relatively hard surfaces that will withstand pressure from all types of difficult tasks. People often buy dipped gloves because they are highly durable. Businesses customize these gloves with their own logos for marketing purposes.


Driver Gloves

DG1215(burn-in)-196x196When preference levels are considered, a logo work driver glove tops the list. This is perhaps due to the wide range of options of driver gloves that are customized to suit the needs of the customer. Most driver gloves provided by Logo Work Gloves are printed, stamped and used in accordance to the needs of the buyer.


High Visibility Gloves

HV1102-196x196Logo works high visibility gloves are a type of safety gloves that are work specifically by those who want their hands noticeable from afar. No doubt, like the name suggests, high visibility gloves are meant to attract attention and therefore, are designed in bright colors. Most of the time, high visibility gloves are worn by those working at night.

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