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Why Promotional Giveaways Are Necessary for Your Marketing Plan

promotional giveaways

Look around you. How many brands do you see? If the answer is too many, then what you see is effective marketing.

Of all branding pursuits, the promotional product is among the oldest.

The first well-documented promotional giveaways¬†were commemorative buttons in 1789. Their production was in celebration of George Washington’s inauguration.

Since then, promotional product giveaways became a staple. Every business who cares about their brand has them. The question remains: does it work?

They don’t only work. They’re necessary for your marketing plan. Here’s why.

What are the Benefits of Promotional Products?

Before we start making a list, let’s first get something out of the way.

What are promotional products? These merchandises are small trinkets that businesses give as free or low-cost gifts.

Much like any branding effort, the point of a giveaway is to increase brand awareness. One of the primary benefits of promotional products is their ubiquity.

Small value products tend to become a ubiquitous part of a potential customer’s life. That’s why items like pens, gloves, umbrellas and calendars are among the usual giveaways.

There’s almost no reason why you should not have a few of these items ready to hand over each time. They’re easy marketing. Here are some of the reasons why you need them for your marketing plan.

1. Small Business Promotional Products are Low-Cost Marketing

Small business promotional products are one of the cheapest marketing devices that you can use.

Most items that a business gives away for free can range between as low as 10 cents to around $20 a piece, depending on the gift. These are simple, daily items like pens, pencils up to something nice like mugs and umbrellas.

Imagine how cheap it is to inject your brand into someone’s life for 10 cents. They’ll keep seeing your brand name, especially if the item has any use. The more they look at your brand name, the higher the potential reach you get.

2. They Give Long-Term Brand Awareness

Have you ever seen a brand and the name gets stuck in your head? You can imagine the style of the brand name, their one-liner and even what they sell?

This is an effect of what is we call brand frequency advertising. The idea of frequency advertising is that showing your brand in a subtle way daily can elicit a response. In simple terms, if they see your brand more, the more chances they’ll recall you.

To do this type of promotional products marketing is a smart and long-term solution. Why?

The more your name becomes synonymous with a daily activity, the bigger the chance they’ll work with you.

It’s a level of programming that requires no effort from you. All you need is send your customer a giveaway.

3. What are Promotional Products? Ethical Bribes

There’s a surprising sustained power to promotional product giveaways. Would you believe the reason why promotional items are effective marketing devices is in their perceived low-cost utility?

Here’s the thing: humans beings have principles. We as a species do not like businesses seeing us as mere consumers. We do, however, like our gifts.

How do we reconcile this somewhat ironic nature? By what we call perceived value. The idea of an ethical bribe comes to mind.

Ethical bribes, also known as lead magnets, are small products that offer no moral risk to you if you accept them.

On the internal, ethical bribes are free reports, coupon codes, and discounts. In the real world, this can be anything from a pencil to an alarm clock.

How does this work?

In your customer’s mind, it’s a small trinket. It offers a minor incentive that requires almost nothing from them.

However, to you as a business, that small trinket carries your branding. That same branding will be a part of their lives for a long time.

If the product is durable and utilitarian, more marketing opportunities for you. That’s why businesses offer office supplies and productivity tools as giveaways.

4. Small Business Promotional Products are Easy to Appreciate

One of the great benefits of promotional products is their positive appreciation. If your product is good quality, customers will associate such quality to your brand.

Customers are also more willing to deal with brands after receiving small business promotional products. That’s because they believe you didn’t try to buy them.

You gave them a nice gift, sure, but here’s what’s on their mind. They think it’s small enough not to affect their standards. You didn’t try to “buy” them, so this deal does not feel “dirty.”

5. They Act as Business Cards and Long-Term Advertisement

The beautiful thing about promotional products marketing? Every item is a business card.

If someone wears the free branded shirt, that’s a living, breathing ad for your business.

This type of subtle advertisement is good branding. In a world where every ad is in-your-face, you want to be different. Having your brand name on an everyday item that is not a billboard helps.

That’s why it’s important to have durable giveaways like gloves and shirts. You want items that they can wear outside the body for full exposure.

6. Promotional Items Promote Brand Loyalty

What are promotional products good for in your current customer base? They’re good at forming brand loyalty.

Promotional items are an excellent way to show your current customers that you care. People can see small gifts as a token of your appreciation to them.

That’s why if you plan on procuring promotional product giveaways, it’s smart to invest in quality. Loyalty is all about making them feel appreciated. Any two-bit promo item won’t do.

Why Promotional Giveaways are a Marketing Necessity

Should you be using promotional gift items for your market? There’s no doubt to it.

Promo items are low-cost and easy branding. With the right type of promotional item, you can work your way into a long-term relationship with many customers.

So, if you need high-exposure, low-cost promotional giveaways, come to us!

You get to show off your brand with us but, that’s not everything! You also get durable products that people will wear.

Give them to your employees. Send them as giveaways to your client companies. Use them as value-added products for your branding.

If you need a marketing product that lasts, talk to us at Logo Work Gloves. Exceed professional demand with gloves and your brand.

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