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Why Promotional Products Are Essential for a Winning Marketing Strategy

promotional products

The purpose of a marketing strategy is to create a competitive advantage by understanding the needs and wants of your customers.

When developing your strategy, always remember the four P’s of marketing: product, price, place, and promotion.

Businesses shouldn’t try to cut corners during this process and should especially prioritize including promotional products into their plan. Whether that be as simple as pens or as unique as promotional gloves, they can help you achieve your business goals.

But why exactly are these products so important? Keep reading to find out how promotional products can take any marketing strategy to a winning level and why you need them in yours.

Promotional Products

Promotional products are useful tangibles or branded products with a logo or slogan. They’re also known as ‘swag’ and are given away at trade shows, as gifts, or simply to create awareness.

These products not only differentiate your business from the competition, but they help to elevate the brand image.


Promotional products are always a good idea because they are low cost and make a high impact.

They make great giveaways at events and 77% of people find the products to be useful and believe that they add value to their daily lives.

Brand Recognition

Every company wants to be recognized in a positive light. They want consumers to resonate with the brand and be familiar with their services and that’s what promotional products help to do.

Of the people who received products, 85% of consumers remembered the advertisers who gifted them. Consumers are also known to keep the items for over six months.

Not only will they recognize your brand, but it translates into sales. According to the Promotional Products Association International, consumers were 83% more likely to do business with companies they received promotional products from.

Receiving gifts is both meaningful for the consumer and creates loyalty for your business. If your customers know that you care, they’re more likely to continue business with you and suggest your services to others. When done correctly, promotional products can act as mini billboards.

What to Give?

This can take some time to figure out but the more creative, the better! Thinking outside the box can work to your advantage by having your promotional product be a conversation starter or it being so unique that people don’t forget it. The products can be notebooks, stress balls, customized pens, or bumper stickers.

There are no rules on what to give, but they should be strategic and of quality.

Promotional Gloves

A great way to set your company apart is with promotional gloves. They can coincide with the service you provide or be a fun gift to give – especially in the winter months.

From contractors, mechanics, to the casual glove wearer, there are several types of promotional gloves to choose from. These gifts can be a gateway to new business or an appreciation for a long time customer.

These unique promotional products can easily be worked into your marketing budget to help your business reap continued success.

Complete Your Strategy With Promotional Products

Regardless of what your business provides, including promotional products in your marketing strategy is a good idea. It’s proven to be a cost-effective way to increase recognition, loyalty, and ultimately sales.

There are many creative options for promotional products to choose from. So, no matter if you decide to give a coffee mug or promotional gloves, make sure it’s something that will connect with your consumers and is a quality gift. You want your products to help your brand, not hurt it!

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