Winter Promotion Ideas for 2017


The festive season is arriving! But how do small to medium businesses stand out of the crowd? With most companies riling up on their marketing budgets it’s not an easy task. Winter promotion takes a lot of planning and creativity to be successful, so here are five things you can do to market your business during this competitive season.

Digital Marketing

If you’ve already got SEO and SMM campaigns that’s fantastic, however be mindful that during Q4 search trends change, and keywords that are related to buying and comparing and discounts can fetch you better results during this time. Raising your AdWords budget and boosting your Facebook posts might be effective; but usually it’s best to do this towards a very specific audience, rather than broad groups of people.


While people may be looking to buy, they’re also looking for a deal. Even if you’re in a non competitive or niche industry it may be a good idea to offer discounts. During this time we become somewhat unaccustomed to buying things at full price!

Direct Marketing

Try to incorporate holiday themes in your fliers, posters and even salesmen. People are in high spirits and will likely be more receptive to direct marketing than they would be during other times of the year.

Storefront/Website Redesigns

This is a must for any customer facing storefront. A Christmas tree and Santa hats can go a long way in adding warmth and friendliness to your outlet, however the same logic does apply to websites also. Consider your website your online storefront. Adding a few festive touches to your site can go a long way in reducing your bounce rate and increasing conversions.

Promotional Products

Last but not least, winter promotional products are a fantastic way to show your clients you’re a cut above the rest. If you want to spend your marketing dollars on a practical and thoughtful promotional product that quite literally warms your clients up, check out our line of Logo Gloves. If you’re having trouble deciding, our Black Synthetic Leather Gloves have been a best seller for the last 3 years.

Thanks for reading! Let us know how these worked for you, and happy holidays in advance!

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