Your Guide to the Best Work Gloves for Your Promotional Giveaway Campaign

best work gloves

Statistics show that 30% of all the workplace injuries are from cuts and lacerations. 12% of these injuries are to the hands. Most of the injuries result from heavy machinery, knives, and scrapes.

With the right protection, most of these cases can’t be reported. This shows you how workplace safety, like wearing the right gloves can be helpful.

The best hand gloves can protect you from chemical burns, hard impacts, cuts, and abrasion to the skin.

Hand-related injuries, whether at home or your workplace, can be detrimental not just to the quality of life, but also your health.

That is why you have to be conversant with the right type of gloves for the different kinds of work you’ll be handling.

If you’re in an industry such as construction or mechanics, glove giveaways benefit your marketing campaign. Here’s your guide to the best work gloves.

Welding Gloves

These gloves are unique in that they are made from the soft cotton liner and high-grade leather, which makes it withstand the heat of welding.

They also feature a high-grade exterior that comes with welted seams and Kevlar stitching for increased durability.

The straight thumb design and cotton hand liner enhance finger sensitivity and comfort for superior comfort. You’ll also love the light weightiness of the welding gloves that gives them a great dexterity for the day to day tasks.

Cut Resistant Gloves

With the cut resistant gloves, you can handle your mandolin slicer, knives, and grater without worrying about bandaging your finger.

They are designed from ultra-high molecular weight spandex, glass fiber, and polyethylene which can withstand cuts from the sharpest blades.

These gloves are highly elastic, soft against the skin and weigh less than an ounce.

It’s important to note that while they might be cut resistant, they are not fully cut proof.

They are designed in a way that will make it less likely for you to sustain any serious injury in case of an accident.

The gloves offer an exceptional grip with a snug fit for those with large and small hands.

This makes it convenient for you to prepare meals or work on jobs that require precision with complete dexterity.

Gardening Gloves

Most gardening gloves are designed from supplex nylon which provides softness and toughness especially during long afternoons of planting or weeding.

Those designed from elastic polyurethane material provide a snug fit with the extra-long cuffs keeping dirt from entering in.

Gardening gloves also feature silicone fingertips and padded palm to boost durability in the areas the experience most wear.

They’re also durable and can go for years without ripping. Gardening gloves aren’t just handy in preventing blisters and calluses, but they can provide relief from those who suffer from arthritis.

This is because their softness and flexibility allow for easy movement when doing gardening tasks.

The gloves also protect your arm from painful scrapes, especially when handling thorny tasks.

Insulated Gloves

If you’re working in a cold outdoor workspace, the insulated gloves will come in handy thanks to their fleece-lined interiors.

The gloves are made from stretch fabric that’s resistant to both cold wind and water that would otherwise bite at your hand.

They’re also an excellent choice for activities such as snowboarding, snowmobiling, and skiing.

You’ll also love the fact that most of these gloves are machine washable. What’s more, the nylon over the knuckles as well as the synthetic leather palms, guard your hands against abrasions.

Nitrile Grip Work Gloves

These gloves provide exceptional grip and abrasion resistance due to their light oil compatible coating on the exterior of the glove.

So, you’ll never have to worry about them slipping or moving down your arm as you work.

With their excellent grip, these gloves are best suited for general material handling, assembly roles, and automotive work.

Thanks to the gloves textured finish, you not only have an enhanced grip, but you can easily handle small and dedicated items with ease.

These gloves are lightweight and feature micro-foam nitrile coating, which improves comfort and reduces hand fatigue. This is usually the case if you use the gloves for a long time.

Knit Work Gloves

If you’re in search of a glove that provides an outstanding grip along with tactile feel, then the knit work gloves should be your first choice.

The body of these gloves is made of tough rubber and cotton composite. The inside features an added layer of latex, so the palms, fingers, and thumbs have added comfort.

The gloves lightweight design allows you to work with ease. Also, the rubber and cotton blend is flexible, plus the latex provides a lot of grip.

The knit is thick, so you’ll always get protection from sharp objects. It’s important to note that there’s no actual padding or insulation on these gloves, so the protection is minimal.

However, they always keep your hand clean while at the same time allowing you the dexterity to complete most jobs easily.

Get To Know The Best Work Gloves For Your Work Place!

Finding the best work gloves can be challenging if you don’t know where to start. So, if you are working in areas with extreme heat, you should consider the welding gloves. They feature high-grade leather with a soft cotton liner which can withstand heat.

To prevent cuts from knives, especially when preparing food or handling other tasks that require precision, the cut resistant gloves come in handy.

They are made from polyethylene, glass fiber, and spandex which are resistant to cuts even from the sharpest blades.

You have to consider gardening gloves if you are pruning or working on your lawn. These gloves are not just flexible, but they feature padded palm and silicone fingertips which boost durability, especially in areas that experience most wear.

For those who love skiing, snowboarding, or need gloves to beat the cold weather then the insulated gloves are an ideal choice.

They are made from stretched fabric with fleece-lined interiors so your hands will always feel warm and comfortable.

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