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Cotton / Knits

Our cotton-knit gloves are possibly our most comfortable solution. Cotton knit gloves have several advantages to other synthetic materials. These gloves are hypoallergenic, sensitive on skin, and have great air circulation to keep the moisture away. Like all of our gloves, we can customize them with your company's logo.

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Cotton/Poly String Knit. Medium weight cotton/poly blend string knit. ..
per pair
Cotton/Poly String Knit. Heavy weight gray cotton/poly (50/50), 1000 gr. ..
per pair
Poly String Knits. 100% Polyester, white, heavyweight, string knit. ..
per pair
8-oz. cotton flannel canvas, nap in. ..
per pair
8-oz. canvas with black PVC dots on the palm and index finger for added grip. ..
per pair
Traditional brown jersey 8-oz. cotton with knit wrist. ..
per pair
18-oz. double palm cotton, nap in, with knuckle strap. ..
per pair
Cotton hot mill, 24-oz. weight quilted palm and index, 10-oz. jersey canvas back with knuckle str..
per pair
Wing thumb, 12-oz. "riggers canvas" cotton blend with orange dots, knit wrist. ..
per pair
Heavy cotton hot mill 28-oz. white quilted palm and 10-oz. jersey canvas back with gauntlet cuff...
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